Praise God beloved brethren in Christ,
Once again allow me say thank you so much to everyone who supported me in anyway towards my crusade (winning souls for Christ crusade) for your support meant a lot and enabled us reach and rescue souls for the kingdom. I pray that God bless you and reward you for the work you did. Without YOU i wouldn’t have managed and i know that God saw your generosity act and will bless you.
Let me tell you about our crusade,
We traveled safely from our home Mbarara at around 2:30pm on 1st Feb 2017 and drove for about 2hrs to our crusade ground in Kiruhuura district in a trading center called New Kampala Rwobuhura Kitura. Reaching there we connected the pa system (machines) and you can’t believe we saw a hundreds of people coming to attend and on the first night we got 14people (old) give their lives to Christ with many kids. Apart from seeing people giving their lives to Christ we also saw people being delivered from tormentation of the devil and we really saw the hand of God at work. We had planned to be ending at 8:00pm but we could find ourselves gone past 10:00pm because a lot of deliverance had to be done every evening after preaching. We could do seminar in the day time 10:00am to 5:00pm then go do the crusade(open air gospel preaching) from 5:00pm to 10:00pm. In 0ur four days mission we got many people that gave their lives to Christ and many received their healing and deliverance as you can see in the photos and we left the place when all people were praising God for the work done. This trading center is surrounded by witches and we could be preaching while witches are drumming their drums in the same trading center but God delivered His people mightily as you can see in the photos though the photos are not clear enough but atleast you can see what was happening.
Many things were done in the whole mission whereby we got people receive immediate miracles of healing, people got saved, we got testimonies from our past crusades but 3points sticked into my heart and i felt glorifying God.
1. When we reached the crusade ground, Many people were there waiting for us and among them were people testifying about How God helped them in my past crusades and one of them you can see her in the photos where am standing with 2ladies the one in blue on my left hand side. She came to me with much joy and hugged me with a great smile and then she started telling me how i helped her. She asked me if i could remember her but frankly i could not remember so she went on and told me that in my End of year crusade of 2014 she got saved on our first day of Crusade and that she was seriously sick with her stomach swellen but after receiving Christ as her savior that i went ahead and prayed for her healing and that after praying for her she got healed and since then she has been testifying to many people of how God healed her and that in our crusade i gave her a bible and that she has used her bible to tell people about Jesus and on this crusade she brought her friend whom she has been preaching to and her friend got saved in this crusade and you can see them standing in front in another photo. Hope you can see how your gift of supporting the crusades and a bible can be of a blessing to a village lady and how our crusades are helpful to the body of Christ. She vowed to keep on testifying of how Great and powerful is our God. I told her it is not me who helped her but God did. I was encouraged by her testimony.
2.On our last day it was very early in the morning and our hosting pastor called me out of the house and when i got out he introduced me to a young man that this young man had a mental problem when he came to our crusade as we were praying for the sick he felt changed but he could not get saved because his parents could not allow him but this time because of what he has received from God through me he decided to get saved whether his parents disown him or not. So i led him in a prayer of repentance and prayed for him total healing. When he told me his story of how he has suffered i felt like this crusade was for him for his deliverance and thanked God for seeing what He did for him. This is what it means to win souls for the kingdom. He was rescued.
3. When we were saying bye bye to our people who had come to attend the seminar, a lady came in tears and thanked me for the work done for bringing them the gospel and said that she is appreciating the work am doing of winning souls for the kingdom. She said that she would love to stand with me but has nothing to give and she said that the only treasure she had was her simple phone worthy about $8 she came in tears and said that this is all i have but am giving it to you to support your evangelism work. Go sell it and support your evangelism mission. I felt tears in my eyes to see this poor lady giving all she had and i prayed for her God’s blessings and i wish you too can pray for her.
Many encouraging incidents took place but can’t share them all but we really experienced the hand of God and i want to thank all of you who supported me do this work and i call you to keep me in prayers because i feel to go on doing this work but funding limits me as you can hear but am trusting God to keep on providing.
May God bless everyone that supported this crusade.
NB: I have 3 prayer requests to leave you with.
1.Pray that God will stand with the people that got saved in this crusade and help them overcome.
2. Pray for us get our pa system for evangelism because hiring is the most expensive whereby they charge us daily so if we get our own machines it will be of much help.
3. Pray for us a mission pick-up that can carry us the machines and mission van that can carry/transport the team.
Your prayers will be highly appreciated and may God bless you as you keep us and this calling in your heart.
Blessings to you all.
Yours Evangelist Evard.

Kampala Crusade – Few People, but God Turned Up!


Hello my brothers and sisters in Christ!

I greet you all in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour that Praise the Lord!

I want to thank you once again for your prayers for me on the recent crusade we had in Kampala. It was a big blessing for me to be involved and preach on a crusade in Kampala our Uganda’s capital city and thank God i got to learn much in this crusade. Let me start the entire story as it was.

We left Mbarara (home) on Tuesday in evening hours at around 4:00 pm and travelled safely and reached Kampala at around 9:00pm. Few people were there waiting for us, but not as many as we used to find waiting in the village. We got our supper and headed to have a rest/sleep.

On Wednesday they had prepared the seminar for one day, but very few people came for the seminar and so we did the seminar for one day and the theme was saying that we are all called to be children of God after accepting Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.


The first day of the crusade two people got saved, but I wasn’t the preacher that day. We were working together as a team. Few people were on the crusade ground, and so in the night I was wondering why people have not come in the crusade to listen to the gospel of salvation. The spirit of God spoke to me that night saying, “This is done to show that people are busy in their own things and has no time for the Lord. That even churches are as busy as they too don’t have time of listening to God’s word. But even if many are too busy for the Lord there a few ready to listen and those will inherit the kingdom of God.”



The next day I was the preacher and the presence of God manifested and though we had few people at the ground as you can see in the photos, many people gave their lives to Jesus. In preaching I felt that God was speaking to His people and many people were touched. Then after preaching i invited people to give their lives to Christ and the four ladies came forward first. Later after praying for them, more people came up for prayers of repentance and healing, as you can see in the photos.




And in praying, the Spirit of God healed many people, but two people were more happy because God healed them from terrible sickness they had. The first one had much pain in her neck for about ten months and the pain was increasing, but in prayers God healed her immediately. And another one had a breast pain which she thought was a breast cancer, so I prayed for her and the pain disappeared immediately.

Praise God for these healing and more that took place.

Pray that these people be healed completely. We thank God for the entire crusade, the healing, but most of all for the few saved souls. That day was wonderful and we thanked God for the harvest. The next morning a witch doctor came on his own and asked us to pray for him to give his life to Jesus and lead him into salvation. What a victory!!!!!!

We finished our crusade and traveled back home safely with victory. But one thing i got to learn was that people in Urban areas are not much interested in Godly things because of being busy in earthly things. That is different from people in the rural areas and for this reason I get to understand why my heart is more in rural areas. Let’s have time for God nor matter what.

That’s all I can share on Kampala crusade. Thanks to you all who prayed for me and keep there praying for me on the rest of the coming crusades in this year.

God bless you all in Jesus name.

Yours brother in the Lord

Ev. Evard.

Miracles in Kamwengye District, Uganda

Praise the lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Praise God my brothers and sisters in the lord, I want to thank you once again for your prayers concerning the recent crusade.

You have really meant a lot to me these days, because much has been going and you have been here to pray. The enemy tried to fight me to hinder me from going on this crusade, as you all know what happened before the crusade. But thanks be to God i managed to go.

When we reached the crusade ground I really got to know why the enemy was fighting hard. Let me tell you how it all went.


We started our journey from Mbarara (home) going to the crusade in Kamwengye district, and we were ready to start with the crusade that day, but we really didn’t know exactly where we were going and the person who knew the place very well didn’t want to scare us. We started our journey at around 3:00pm thinking that in 3hrs we can reach there. But as we were on the way the man started to tell us where we were going and it was very far than we thought. It was an 8-9hrs drive. Count what time we were to reach after starting the journey at 3pm.

After knowing how far it was, we started to wonder if we are to reach or sleep on the way, but thanks to God we drove safely and reached the crusade place at 12:30am (00:30am a half past midnight). But guess what? Many people were still waiting for us at the church and reaching there we are welcomed with shout of JOY.


We were all sleepy, hungry and tired but these people could not allow us go sleep and so we had to first receive our hugs and greeting from hundreds and then were given something to eat and then go rest.

Reaching at the ground that night I noticed we are in a different land, because there I heard about three languages. So I had to ask the hosting pastor and he said that there were refugees from Congo. They loved us so much seeing on their faces and hugs, but the language was a problem. But truly they are lovely people.


Ministering in the seminar under the tent.

People listening to the word of God in the seminar time.

Then in the morning (Wednesday) we started our seminar and God lead me to share about the important reason why should one get saved. I got to start with a question, “Why did you get saved?” I got three people with different answers. From there I started by reading to them the well known verse of John 3v16.

I started to tell them of the main reason why should one get saved. It is not be healed, nor to become rich, nor to be problems free, but to inherit the kingdom of God.

Attentitively listening

At the end of that lesson all the three answers became one. Our main goal should be the kingdom of God.

(I’ll share this message soon when I get time to write down.)

There in the seminar I got to meet brothers and sisters from DR. Congo who are in Uganda as refugees because of the battle going on in their country. I felt sorry for them, but was glad to see that some were saved and so happy to meet my brothers. Thank God we got someone from there who said he knows our local language and so he helped on translating and the seminar went well.


Kamwengye Crusade 07

From there we went on the crusade and the crusade was fantastic. The number increased from what we had from the seminar and the more it got dark the more people came. So we preached and called people to give their lives to Jesus. Five men came up and we prayed for them, but I felt in my spirit that some more people were there in need of salvation but were scared of coming in front. So I had to attack the spirit of fear and call again and after calling another group of people men and women came forward and gave their lives to Jesus. You were not there to see the joy that was on the ground. We ended when people were still coming, but we had to rest for the next day.


Ministering in the seminar the next day.

Seminar attendants listening to the word of God.

Then on Thursday morning we started our seminar again and this day the message was about BROTHERLY LOVE (Love is the key to heaven). When I started sharing one old man stood and said that “please we would love to love fellow believers and do good to them, but they end up hurting us by doing wrong things to us.”

Sharing the word of God about about BROTHERLY LOVE.

I also told him it’s true, but I reminded him that Jesus did the greatest thing for us yet we wrong him many times. But what does He do? He forgives us.

So in all learning about love I got a friend from a refugees side to help me demonstrate what love can do (when we are loving each other and are in unity nothing can win us and what we decide to do we can do it because love (GOD) is in our midst).

Kamwengye Crusade 15

Continue the message about love.

Have a look in the photos and get to see the photos as we were lifting something heavy and see what I am talking about.

Kamwengye Crusade 21

Try it and see what love can do. Nothing is impossible with love.

In sharing this message many repented in tears, because there has been much segregation going on in this place between the Ugandans and Congores. But I thank God they got to know that we are all one and so need to love one another and stay in loving one another as it Jesus’ command.


We headed to the crusade after lunch and the crusade was also greater and the number present increased. Many people gave their lives to Jesus and there was declaring of healing.

Back to the crusade (open air Gospel preaching)

Listening the gospel in the night hrs with a small light.

The young and old giving their lives to Jesus.

Kamwengye Crusade 34

Many miracles were testified on the spot, but two captured my attention.

One was an old man that has been deaf for 10 years, but on the crusade he got to hear again, and he was filled with JOY. Halleluiah!!!!!!!!!!

And another was a young man who got an accident six months back and break his hand was in much pain that he could not move it. But during prayers He felt the power of God move through his hand. He received his healing and so was able to move and use his hand again.

What an awesome God we serve! It was a lovely evening really and was happy to see people saved and healed.


Then on Friday morning we came back in the seminar for a short time because we had to start our journey back. The biggest work to be done on Friday was to pass on the clothes the organizing church had collected to give to the refugees. So I was asked to help on passing the clothes. And I too had to sow some of my clothes in my two new great friends. The chairperson of that refugees camp near where we were. (He was the one that helped me demonstrate the power of love also to my great interpreter.) There was a big need of clothes for men and women and children, but the clothes were few and many didn’t get any.

Kamwengye Crusade 37

Kamwengye Crusade 38

Saying goodbye to these people was not easy, because I felt sorry for them and I pray peace to their nations. I wished I knew that I was going to meet them. These people are in much need of help and if you are there able to help in any way do it.

Kamwengye Crusade 40

Kamwengye Crusade 41

Kamwengye Crusade 42


After saying bye to them we had to go back on the road and start our journey back home with joy because of souls saved. It was sad to see our brothers in much need and hope to be there again and minister to them may be with much to give to them.

That’s how the crusade went and thanks to you who prayed for it all. Keep on.


When I got back the enemy tried to backfire on me, but thank God I am now better. Keep on standing with me in this work of evangelism because more crusades are coming.

Pray for another one I am to be involved in in Kampala starting Tuesday next week (31st July to 2nd August). Pray for me God’s power and provision.

God bless you and be with you in all you are doing. If you wish to join me in this work in any way you can contact me.

Love you and wish you well in all.

Yours Ev.Evard.


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What Are You Leaning On

Jesus calm the storm 003

I greet you all my brothers and sisters in the lord that praise God!

It has been some time not sharing God’s word here online but thanks be to Him I have something to share this time. To you who used to read my posts and new readers I pray this message be a blessing to you. This is the message the lord gave me for the year 2013 and I have been sharing it wherever I have been to and I believe this is the right time for it to be posted here. It is entitled as a question “WHAT ARE YOU LEANING ON?”

We will start by reading some scriptures from the book of Mark 4:35-41 (NKJV) (35 On the same day, when evening had come, He said to them, “Let us cross over to the other side.” 36 Now when they had left the multitude, they took Him along in the boat as He was. And other little boats were also with Him. 37 And a great windstorm arose, and the waves beat into the boat, so that it was already filling. 38 But He was in the stern, asleep on a pillow. And they awoke Him and said to Him, “Teacher, do You not care that we are perishing?” 39 Then He arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace, be still!” And the wind ceased and there was a great calm. 40 But He said to them, “Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?”)

In reading this I want to say that most of you have read this scripture many times than I have but I want to share a little more about it. In reading the scripture we see that Jesus is the one that ordered to cross over the sea but sadly in reaching the middle of the sea, the storm arose. As the storm was arising Jesus was in the boat and the disciples were with Him in the boat so I wonder why did they wait till it was almost filling? In thinking about it I got to remember that in the boat were some experienced fishermen who worked on water many years and their leader was Peter so as he was in the boat he knew that He had all the knowledge to ride through the storm and so Peter and group first tried to see if they can fight the storm. They tried all they can by leaning on Peter knowing that since Peter is on riding nothing can stand in His way and that’s why they first tried but sadly the storm was to heavy for them. After seeing that the water was too heavy for them, they asked themselves of what to do and in the process one of them said that see, here we have the master of the storm and the lord of lords, why can’t we wake Him up, and in that time they woke Him up and He stopped the storm. So why didn’t they call/wake Him up at the beginning? The answer is ; they trusted the experienced fisherman to negotiate the storm. Did He manage to negotiate the storm? No.

Allow me to say that these days many of us have trusted many things we believe that they can help us through the storms of life and in this case some people have even lost hope in the lord because of failing. Many people are trusting their experience, many people are leaning on their jobs, many are leaning on their businesses and others are leaning on their spouses even. But the lord spoke to me that only those that lean on Him will cross the storm. This is the time where we need to remove our eyes from the properties we have because its time to fail has come and you will see that the properties are now helpless. Many countries have been trusting on their professors but the time has come for the professors to fail because storms come and hit nations yet the professors watching. They would have used all the machines to sense that there is a big storm coming but they can’t because God want to show us that all things will fail but only the man that trusts in the lord will get through the storm. Men and women that are trusting/leaning on their jobs will see their jobs failing and even big companies losing customers and there the only thing to be done is turn back to the creator. Nations have bought big, heavy weapons to protect themselves but don’t be scared when you see them attacked with simple weapons and make them shaken. The reason is because they have trusted in their weapons not the creator of the heaven and earth. I want to tell you dears, let’s change our minds and remove our trust from all things we have been trusting in. To you trusting in your jobs, businesses, properties, riches, spouses, children, parents, ministries, weapons, and others, be warned and get to know that all those things will fail one day and you will cry day and night but the only place we can lean/trust that can’t fail us is our lord and savior Jesus Christ. God is speaking to you to turn your eyes from those things and put them unto Him. I don’t know why I feel strongly to share this but get to know that God is advising someone. And if you know you anyone that is struggling in the places mentioned above, tell him/her that all he/she need to do is to lean unto the lord.

Remember the verse in the book of Proverbs 3:5-6 ( 5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding; 6 In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct[a] your paths.) I love this, we need not lean on our understanding but trust in the lord and lean on Him alone. I pray someone understands this. You with big ministries with many sponsors trust not and lean not unto those sponsors because one day they will fail you but there is one man that cannot fail you and HIS NAME IS JESUS CHRIST. To you with big companies, wonderful and good paying jobs, lean not unto them because they will fail one day but Jesus will never fail you. I don’t know about you and where your eyes have been but yourself know very well what you have been leaning on so it is your time to change and lean unto the lord alone. Whether the doctor gave you a negative report about your life, trust and lean unto the lord for the better report. Whether the business seem to be failing, trust and lean unto the lord for the better change in your business. In all situation. Turn and lean unto the lord.

Lastly, allow me end with a scripture in the book of Isaiah 40:31(31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.) I love this. This does not mean that those who trust/lean unto lord wont meet things to weaken them but it shows that even though they become weak God will give them new strength and they will be able to fly. I want to stand on this and declare to those that are trusting in the lord that very soon you will regain strength and mount up like eagles. Are you struggling with your health? Believe God and trust Him to give you new strength in Jesus name. Declare this word in your prayers. Are you struggling in your business or job? Lean unto the lord and trust Him for a new thing in Jesus name. I declare that the lord renew the strength of everybody that will read this message in Jesus name.

Father God, Lord Jesus Christ by the help of the Holy spirit, I pray that you bless this message to bless many people’s hearts. I pray that you help us to lean on you alone and not anything else on this earth because all things will fail. I pray that you give strength to the weak and encourage those discouraged in one way or another and I declare your presence in our lives in these days of challenges. I pray and declare all this in Jesus name. Amen.

Be blessed as you read and comment on this message.

By your brother Ev. Evard Kabaali.

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Parents, Let’s Pray For Our Fellow Parents That Neglects Their Children.

Annette with Bea (My wife)I greet you all my brothers and sisters in the lord that Praise God!

I thank God for protecting you there and us here because our life is in His hands so we have to thank Him for allowing us live another day of today.

I have come with post today asking you to pray for Ugandan parents that may God give us a caring heart because something breaks my heart to see parents neglecting their children. Read this and then join hands with us in prayers and support as you can.

I was at home in the front of our house looking on the opposite door which is of a certain company of security guard the one I worked for some years back. As I was standing there looking, I saw a young girl crying standing in the middle of men who works for this group of guards and I didn’t want to reach them but later they sent the girl away and so as she was going I called her and she came to me. On her coming to me one of the guards saw her coming to me and he came to me too and then I asked the girl why she is crying. The guard said “ I was at my position guarding someone’s shop in the late night and I saw this girl coming. I asked her of where she was coming from and where going and she said that she lost her mother and their father neglected them and married another wife and so she was going to aunt’s place which she don’t know very well. And she had nothing to eat so I allowed her to stay with me at my guard till today morning and now she need to look for where to go”. Then I asked the girl of what’s wrong and she gave the same story. She was shivering and I asked why is she shivering and she said that it was hunger that she had spent about 4days without eating anything. I felt sad and I almost cried. I called my wife to come and see and there we agreed to give her something to eat and drink and we took her in.

On taking her in, we wanted to take her to the authorities to see if they can help reconnect her with her parents and so we took her first to the LC 1 office and they said that she was there before and told them the same thing that she told us and so they told us to continue to the police. We took her to the police and the officers said that she was in their office before coming to us. So it shown us that she tried all the authorities and none of the office helped. They said that we can stay with her while trying to inquire about her relatives. We asked her if we can contact any of her people and the phone she had said “The telephone number you are calling is not on the MTN telephone network meaning it is not in use” so we find ourselves with no way of contacting her relatives.

We feel sorry for this girl and others that are like her. Here if you go to big towns you find many children on the road the reason being they were neglected by their parents and some chased from home. In our conversing with her she has shown that her stepmother mistreated her and chased her from home and sometimes she could beat her in presence of the father and the father couldn’t say anything. May God forgive us.

We are wondering of how we can get in touch with her father because she lost her mother long time ago and we feel that we cannot chase her away from here though we have many burdens at the moment. Pray for us that we may be able to get in touch with any relative and pray that we get transport so that we can go tracing her father because it is far from here and needs a lot of money. Our plan  is that if we get in touch with her father, we reunite them and if we fail to reunite them we can stay with her but knowing atleast her father. Some of you may not know how painful it is going without no one caring but to  me and some of you know  how painful it is.

May God bless anyone there praying for us on this and tomorrow I will post her photo. She is called Annett. Put her in prayers and if you have any question to know more about it her, you can inbox me.

Your comment will be highly appreciated.

Yours brother Ev. Evard K.


Praise God!

Thanks to you my brothers and sisters in the lord for your prayers to me on my crusades. Your prayers mean a lot to me and I appreciate them a lot. It is a blessing to have someone beside you praying for you and mostly when you are in the work of the kingdom. So if you have been there praying for me I appreciate your efforts in doing so. Be blessed.

Allow me to share with you how the RWAMABONDO crusade was.

Starting from the time of leaving home on Tuesday, things were not easy for me to go because I was supposed to be leaving home for the taxi early in the morning but I reached to the time of leaving before getting the money for transport and so I missed the taxi that was supposed to take me and that taxi was the only one that goes direct from Mbarara to Rwamabondo. So when it was coming to mid-day I went to a business man and borrowed some money to help on transport but on reaching to the taxi park I found it had left already and I had to take another taxi but wasn’t reaching to the town I was going to and so had to take another taxi to reach. I travelled by two taxis to reach and thanks be God I reached safely.

So on reaching the conference place, they were waiting for me to preach on the crusade. I found them still in the seminar so they welcomed me in with my dust because the road was dusty and so I sat in the church waiting for the evening. I found there a bishop from Kenya and another pastor from Kenya then in the evening it was crusade time and people come to the crusade ground and I was the one to preach that evening. The crusade went well and people gave their lives to Jesus and after the preaching the bishop and pastor from Kenya told me that “We will not stand on the crusade to preach when you are still around because this gift of evangelism is yours and we can not do it right as you do. We are very much convinced that you are serving in your real gift.” There I gave all the glory and honor to God because it is not easy for the bishop to stand up and give a chance to the mere evangelist. Thanks be to God that on the 1st day people were few  but many of them accepted Jesus as their lord and savior.

Then the next morning they surprised me whereby they prepared us tea and they give me a big cup which can take about three cups to be full and when I asked them why they did this, they said that I have worked hard so I had to take a lot. It was fun and you can see me holding my cup in the photo.

Then on the next day the crusade went very well and the number increased a lot and many gave their lives to Jesus as well. On this day the lord revealed to me that there were some people that needed help in their families but they were scared of coming to the crusade when all people are watching over them so He led me to tell people that if anyone has a question or need canceling/incouragment/advice they can come to where we were sleeping and early in the morning before even taking my bath then people started flowing to where we were sleeping. Among them came a man who was an Anglican preacher and told us that his daughter was running crazy whereby demons had chased her from school and was running mad and was about to undress herself so I started to talk to him about getting saved but he didn’t get saved but said that he will allow her daughter to get saved and join the born again Christians. It was had to ask if the girl believes but we said that let’s pray for her for a miracle first and then after her miracle of healing she can accept Jesus. We prayed for her and felt the voice telling us that it is over but on opening our eyes nothing had changed. We believed God for healing and we asked the father to leave her with us and so we asked an usher to take her to the church. Guess what, on the crusade in the evening the girl was set free and she accepted Jesus as her personal savior and was not crazy any more. Praise Jesus!!!!. Then on that crusade the lord shown me a lady that had a breast problem whereby she was feeling a lot of pain and breastfeeding was a big problem to her and on inviting her in front she confirmed the prophesy and she said that she gave her life to Jesus on our 1st day of crusade and so God wanted to heal her and praise God for He did it for her and at the end of the crusade she was testifying.

This crusade was full of victory and I think that’s why the enemy wanted to hinder me. At the end of the crusade another mad boy got healed and gave his life to Jesus. Many got healed and testified to God but these three touched my heart a lot and I will keep them in prayers for complete healing forever.

At the end of the crusade, the bishop from Kenya asked me to go and do crusades and conference in some of His chirches in Kenya and He invited me to go there and said to organize a conference and crusade in April next year.

I thanked God for this crusade and all things that happened. It was not by my power, not my strength but by the holy spirit of our lord God through our savior Jesus Christ.

I left all people thanking God for the work done and I give the glory to God.

Thanks to you all who prayed for me and may God bless you as you join me fully in supporting this work of evangelism to go on. I have many invitations but some get stopped because of lacking financial support and like on this one I ended up in a debt but I am trusting God to pay it. Keep GOD’S MERCY TO THE WORLD EVANGELISM in prayers.

Thanks a lot for your prayers and may God bless you so big in all you are doing.

Love you and wish you well in all.

Yours Evangelist Evard.


Blessings to you all dears.

Thanks to you all my brothers and sisters in Christ. I believe that you have been there praying for me about the crusade and conference I had last week and now am happy to tell you that the crusade and conference went well and this is the update on how it went.

We left home on Wednesday 1st August to the stage where we were all to meet and reaching on the stage I was shocked to see about 12 people with their safari bags and a big set of music machines to be put on a small pickup. I was really scared to get on this pickup and thought to leave them go back home but the spirit of God told me that I have to go with them. It was a tough means of transport and if it was on my own decision I would have returned home but my God wanted me to go no matter which means we had. So we packed ourselves on the pickup and we were very squeezed at the back with the bags and the machines. On the way going, our pickup stopped moving when we were in the tough corner and we were all scared but trusted God for help so we had to push it back so that it can start again and by God’s grace it started again after some hrs. Then we continued our journey but when we were about 2miles to reach the conference ground, the pickup stopped again and we tried to push it but it could not start again till we decided to walk the 2 miles remaining. So we carried the simple machines and walked the two miles to the church and the driver of the pickup worked on it and followed us later after some hrs but he found us already at the place. Reaching there it was around 2:00mp and we hoped to find many people there waiting for us as it has been in many places but here it was different. We found only the hosting pastor and some few church members like they were not prepared for the conference nor crusade. So we asked them if they had invited people to come and if they were ready for the crusade and he replied that there will be many people in the evening and they said that their crusades starts at around 7:00pm because people gather in the evening hrs. We thought it was not true may be they were trying to encourage us but to our surprise it was true. They gave us something to eat and then we rested for a while and when it was coming to 6:30pm, people started to come in a big number and when the music were played people started to increase and by 7:00pm, there was a big number of people and by the time we came back to the crusade ground things were different from what we had seen at our arrival.

On the crusade people were very well attentive as you can see in the photos on my facebook and not only attentive but they also said yes to the call of salvation. Many gave their lives to Jesus and we all praised the lord to see the kingdom increasing.

Then the next day we started with the conference/seminar and it was very wonderful because many people said that this conference has been purposed by God to help them in their salvation journey. As you know I am still carrying the message that the lord has put on my heart to share with all people around the world and this is none other than “LOVE IS THE KEY TO HEAVEN”. On the 1st day of seminar people appreciated the word and many were repenting in tears because of the hatred that has been going on in their churches. Then in the evening we headed to the crusade and it was wonderful than the first day of crusade and this time people came in a big number and the response was so much encouraging.

On the last day the conference was wonderful and people were touched because of the message whereby one pastor came in front and said that this message came for him and he said that learning does not end. Another person came while I was still ministering and appreciated the word and gave me 2000/=UGX to buy a refreshment thanking and appreciating the word shared. At the end of the seminar many pastors were inviting me to their churches and they said to organize more conferences and invite me to go share with their people.

On my going I wasn’t informed that I was the main speaker but reaching there the person that led us told me that I was the main speaker. So I had to preach in both seminar/conference and crusade for the three days we were there and in this we had to allow questions and people enjoyed it as well.

We praised God for all people that gave their lives to Jesus and for helping many in their salvation. The whole time we were there, there is one thing that encouraged me to keep on sharing this message wherever I go as the lord leads me to because many people need this message of forgiveness and love. This was the lady that was introduced to us as mighty woman of God but when she stood up to introduce herself she fell in tears and repented that she has been bound in hatred for about 6yrs where by her aunt said bad and negative words about her and she even abused her. So from then she decided to hate her and she had removed her from her life. But hearing the word of love and forgiveness she asked God to forgive her and give her courage to forgive her aunt and love her as well. This lady thanked God and said that this conference came for her but many were blessed as well. In the conference I saw a need of bibles because many members had no bibles. Put this in prayers for God’s provision on bibles.


Then on the day of coming back home, it was very tougher than coming because we had agreed with the driver to come to pick us very early in the morning but he never came in time.  We tried to call him but his phone number was off and so we had to walk the two miles to the main road to get another pickup but as we were on the road the pickup shown up and so we went and packed our belongings and left for Mbarara. Can you guess what was on the way? We came much squeezed as on the coming and reaching the middle of the journey we found the traffic police on the way and they stopped us. To check the pickup they said it wasn’t licensed to carry people and even the driver had no the original driving permit. So they stopped us and fined the driver and so he had to first go to Mbarara to pay the fine in the bank and then come back to continue take us home. They parked us at the police station and we stayed there from 9:00am to 2:00pm waiting for him to come back. It was a tough time seating there at the police station for this long and it really disturbed us a lot. I tried to ask the police officers to forgive us and allow us go and pay when we reach Mbarara but they refused till the driver came back with the receipt and then they allowed us go.  You can see our pickup packet in the police station ground where I was carrying Mary Evelyn in my hands.

This has reminded me to ask you to pray for me so that I can go to the driving training and then after training God willingly I can have the pickup that will ease this work of evangelism on transport. And it can help on two sides and this is to work as a ministry income and then transport us in the missions. Put this in prayers.

Thanks be to God to see that we reached back home and we are thanking God for the great work that was done in both seminar and crusade.

This is all I can share for now and I request you to pray for me on my coming crusade next week starting on Tuesday to Saturday.

I wish you all the best.

Yours Evangelist Evard K. P.O.BOX 136 MBARARA UGANDA.ImageImage